Trophy Hunters Taped

Cali is an underground trophy hunter, and she’s had her eye on Jamie Daniels for some time now. Much to her surprise, when she breaks into Jamie’s house to make the dream a reality, it seems that someone has beat her to the punch.

Jamie is all taped up, and out of nowhere, Niki Lee Young captures Cali and tapes her up too. It turns out that Niki is also a trophy hunter, and now she is going to have 2 lovely trophies to bring back to her gallery!

While Niki is having some fun with her new fugative, antagonizing and rubbing her dirty feet all over Cali’s face, Jamie manages to escape. She over powers both girls and leaves them mumified in tape. They struggle their hardest, but Niki and Cali are completely helpless.

This 15 minute video includes betrayal, tape bondage, mumification, tape gags, foot domination, struggling and is available in my store Cali Logan and Friends