The Scorn of Cali

Cali and her husband Lance are enjoying an evening in front of the TV. When Cali asks to change the channel, Lance refuses to turn the game off and all hell breaks loose. The two fight for the remote, eventually rolling to the ground. Cali manages to get the upper hand and decides that it is time to teach her remote hog husband a lesson!

First she weakens him with an arm bar. Just before his arm is about to rip out of the socket, she pins him down in a grapevine, then scoots up into a full face sit. He has no energy to fight back when she reverses the hold and sits on his face ass first. He gets thrown into a couple of scissor holds, being smothered just a bit harder with each move.

Cali gives Lance one more chance to cooperate before applying another face sit, then reversing it to smother him out completely. Looks like she will be watching whatever she likes tonight!!

This 10 minute clip includes face sits, reverse face sits, head scissors, figure 4 head scissors, male domination, mixed wrestling and is available in my c4s store.