The Body Snatcher

Cali is minding her own business, reading a book when she hears a noise and she looks around, but no one is there. She continues reading the book, but then she is possessed by a ghost, who into her mouth. She very briefly tries to fight it by eventually the ghost takes over.

The ghost is amazed that he possessed Cali and he is talking with her voice! He tries to impersonate Cali. He also plays with her breasts. Throughout the video, the ghost de-possesses Cali, and Cali has no idea what is going on, and then the ghost reenters her body. He continues to use her hands to feel her flesh. Groping her breasts and ass, enjoying the sensation of warm skin for the first time in centuries.
The power is invigorating for this evil spirit and he gives Cali her body back just long enough for her to make a flustered attempt at redressing herself. Of course, he then takes over again and again, asserting his control over her.
At the end of the film, the ghost explains that he can possess Cali whenever he wants now, and de-possesses her while she is completely naked so she can see what is going on and understand she no longer has control of her own body! Poor Cali is so embarrassed and runs away to find some clothes that she hopes the ghost will let her keep on.
This 16 minute clip includes forced stripping, magic control, enf, paranormal activity, succubus, body invasion. The 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logan’s Embarrassed Babes under the EMBARRASSED NUDE FEMALE category. 
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