Stephy’s Foot Domination

Steph’s Sister-in-law Cali has come over for a girls night in. While on the phone with her brother, Stephy finds out that Cali has been cheating and vows revenge on the little hussy. She challenges Cali to a friendly foot wrestling competition, but gets rough pretty quickly. They girls start with a foot comparison, then go into foot wrestling, where Steph curls her toes over Cali’s. This is where the crushing begins. They move the action to the floor where Steph really begins to dominate, using her feet to stretch Cali’s legs to their limits. From there she uses her feet to squash Cali’s stomach and feet, just before using her powerful legs to crush Cali’s ribs in a scissor hold. Poor Cali is left on the floor crying.            

Full video run 15:46 and is available in my Store. Fetish elements include: Foot/soles/toes, crush/squash, wrestling/scissorhold, domination.