New Neighbor or New Doll?

Cali is soooo excited to have a new neighbor. She just loves when new people come along that can be her special friends!

As she sits and anxiously practices how she will introduce herself, she sees the new girl walking across the street to knock on her door. She eagerly answers and meets Kymberly Jane. It appears that she cant find her bathroom supplies in any of the boxes and asks if she can freshen up at Cali’s place.

This is the PERFECT opportunity for Cali to work her magic. She goes to “tidy up” the bathroom, and while there, rubs a little dab of her special *firming cream* to the tube of toothpaste.

When Kym brushes her teeth, she notices a strange taste but thinks nothing of it…until suddenly…she cant..move…a muscle. She is completely frozen like a life-sized, pose able doll. Just as Cali Planned.

Cali brings her new doll into the front room for a little make over and photoshoot. She is having so much fun with her new friend! Finally she decides that they should watch a movie together.

This 16 minute clip includes freeze and doll fetish. It is available in 720HD in the store Cali Logan’s Femme Factory.

More photos are available in Cali Logan Land.