Keri the Vampire Hunter- Part 3: Revenge

Vampire Hunter Keri Spectrum has had a rough bout with Cali the Vampire. In part 1, Cali drew Keri in with a strong dose of mind control, forcing her to strip out of her clothes and do a sexy dance. Just as Cali is about to sink her teeth into the delicious skin of her prey, Keri snaps her head back, throwing the vampire to the floor.

In part 2, the Vampire and Hunter go head to head in a blow for blow fight, pulling each other’s hair, cunt busting, slapping and more. Cali out catfights Keri and takes a long bite out of her neck. Little does she know that Keri was prepared for this and had poisoned herself with Dead Man’s Blood. Cali begins to choke and passes out as the venom runs through her body.

Finally, in this 3rd and final part of the series, Keri gets her revenge. While Cali is out cold, Keri strips her to just a thong and tightly binds her arms and legs to ensure that she cant escape. When the Vampire comes to, Keri explains what is happening, and taunts her as she lies helplessly struggling on the floor.

This video runs 8:18 and includes fetish genres such as vampires, bondage, on screen rigging, limp play. The 720 HD format is available in my store Cali Logan and Friends.