Joker 8 Batgirl- The final scene

Batgirl and Joker Fetish Parody!

In the previous scene of Joker 8 Batgirl, it seemed that after much peril, Batgirl had gained the upper hand, escaping from her binds and grabbing a gun that the careless villain had left behind.

Unfortunately for Batgirl, the opening of Scene 2 doesnt start well, as she forgot about the electric panties she was wearing. HQ squeezes the remote, sending shocks through Batgirls body as she falls to the floor in agony.

Things only go down hill for the superheroine from there. She is humiliated, ridden like a pony and rigged up with a bomb. Once HQ has had her fun, she gets BG ready for the grand finale by rigging her up into a torture rack and seasoning her up for the feast.

The video is available in my Store. Enjoy the photo reel.