Jealousy and Humiliation

Jealous girl Hannah Perez schemes up an evil plan to get under the skin of her enemy Cali Logan. She knows that her soft spot is her girlfriend Keri Spectrum, and she kidnaps both girls for a little bit of fun!

Once she has the girls restrained (Cali arms over head, Keri spread eagle) she superglues Cali’s lips shut and starts to molest her girlfriend. She kisses Keri over her tape gag, then removes it and forces her to kiss lip to lip. She then takes the humiliation further and forces Keri to kiss her feet.

Cali can only watch in anger. Hannah decides to make a deal with Cali…to leave poor Keri alone IF she agrees to be Hannah’s foot slave. Cali’s only chance at saving her girlfriend is to submit to the evil Hannah. Embarrassed to the core, Cali agrees and rubs her superglued lips all over Hannah’s feet.

This 16 minute clip includes humiliation, forced kissing, bondage, domination, foot domination, foot worship, girl/girl kissing and is availabe in my c4s store.