Evil Shauna Returns for SuperCali

The last time we saw Evil Shauna, she trapped Battle Girl and hypnotized her into becoming her one of her henchwoman, assisting in the quest for World Domination. Unfortunately, the pesky SuperCali has been getting in the way, so she must be dealt with. 
The villainess and her sidekick manage to subdue SuperCali and bring her back to their hideout. When SuperCali realizes her location, she tries to escape, but Evil Shauna won’t let her leave without a fight.

Finally, SuperCali manages to escape her bonds…but its not long before the newly evil BadGirl puts an end SuperCali’s hopes of leaving. 

SuperCali once again escapes after being toyed with by Evil Shauna. BadGirl thinks they heroine has managed to get away for good when Shauna produces a cape… a cape that she knows SuperCali will be back for. The two spray the cape with transformation serum and soon Cali will be under the same spell as BadGirl.

The full video is available in my clips4sale store under the “Superheroine” category titled “Evil Shauna Returns for SuperCali”