Domination and Dinner

You’ve decided to challenge Cali Logan to a wrestling match. Though youre a midget and shes a regular sized girl, you feel confident that you can hold your own against her, and even bring your trainer along to watch the match!

She sizes you up and laughs at your stature. You dont stand a chance! She gets you into scissor holds and reverse school girl pins. As if it wasnt bad enough that she is humiliating you by kicking your butt, she decides to tickle you while youre down for some added embarrassment.

Her domination over you is obvious and she has worked up quite the appetitie throwing you around. She opens up wide and swallows you whole. Cali loves the feel of you wiggling down her throat! With you securely captured in her stomach, she turns her attention to your trainer.

She bullies him with her now large belly and threatens to eat him too. He is scared, but tries to fight back. Its no use though, she once again opens wide and eats him too.

With the both of you moving around in her belly, she walks around the room in victory- enjoying the power she feels with your bodies writhing inside of hers.

This 12 minute clip includes POV Wrestling, Mixed Fighting, Female Domination, Vore. The 720HD format can be found in my store Craving Cali under the “vore” category.