Crimson Ninja vs Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl has become bored with being the side kick to Wonder Woman. She wants to prove that she has what it takes conquer Super Villains on her own! The naive girl rummages through her boss’ office and finds information on a woman named Scarlet Shadow. She is a ninja who works closely with some of the most notoriously dirty chemistry labs in the area.

Wonder Girl manages to track the villain down, interrupting a training session. Scarlet Shadow laughs at the notion of being “taken in” by this little twit, but after a hard blow to the jaw, decides that she will use Wonder Girl as a lab rat, instead of simply sending her on her way empty handed.

The Superheroine finds herself tied spread eagle to a bed and injected with Eros Serum. Scarlet Shadow explains that she will begin to feel impure thoughts and at the onset of an orgasm, the immoral dirty persona will take over. She tries to fight the serum, but with a Hitachi wand vibrating hard on her clit through the spandex pants, its too much for her to resist, and she gives in.

This climax will last a lifetime as the effects are now permanent, and she is now nothing more than a mindless little slut.

This 9  minute video includes superheroines, costumes, forced orgasm, bondage, fight scene, transformation and is available in my Superheroine store Power and Peril.