Cherie the Transformation Fetish Queen

You are on a date with the beautiful Cherie Deville. She has invited you back to her place, and though you’re very shy, you accepted the invitation.

Once you arrive, she begins to seduce you! Your heart is racing, then suddenly something weird begins to happen….she has turned you…into a stuffed monkey. Then with a kiss…a WOMAN. You have breasts and long hair. You want to panic, but dont have time. She magically puts you into a party dress and youre beginning to feel a little more comfortable in your new body.

The two of you have some sexy fun. With the point of a finger, youre both nude and sensually rubbing balloons all over each other’s sexy bodies.

Before the night is done, she has another twist. With a chant, she changes bodies with you. All of the transformations are happening so fast!

A final twist and the date is done. Cherie turns you into a balloon, to keep forever and add to her collection. This proves that she is truly the Transformation Fetish Queen.

This video runs 13 minutes and can be found in 720HD in Cali Logan’s Femme Factory.