Bat Babe vs Spiders- Part 2: Spider Cream

In Part 2 of this 5-Part Superheroine parody… Bat Babe continues her search for persons responsible for the recent disappearance of several local girls. She peeks into a room and sees a couple of very strange spiders…or so she thinks. Obviously, this needs further investigation. The superheroine sneaks into the room to inspect a strange […]

Celebrity Pie Fight

Hannah Perez is selling her special pies at a bake sale, when her favorite famous person Cali Logan walks in. She is completely star struck!Moments later, Cali’s arch nemesis, Keri Spectrum, strolls in. They get into an argument, which leads to Cali getting pied right in the face. Hannah comes to the rescue of her […]

The Icy Interrogation of Sumiko

Sumiko wakes up in an unfamiliar room and gets heavily interrogated by Cali Logan. She is bound in a standing spread eagle for the ordeal. As oil and ice water are poured over her body, she stands strong. Even thruogh the whipping, the shivering girl is determined not to break until the very end. Though […]

Cali is All Wet

Soaked Clothes“Cali jumps into a shower wearing business attire” Poor Cali didnt get the job she had been hoping for. Wearing a white sheer blouse, tan pantyhose and pencil skirt, she decides that taking a shower will help her feel better. While under the hot water, she slowly undresses down to her hose and uses […]

Blueberry Pie Sit

Blueberry Pie Sit“Lexi sits on her Blueberry Birthday Pie” I’ve baked Lexi’s favorite pie for her birthday. Blueberry! The only way I will let her have it though, is if she takes off her pants and sits on it. She is very reluctant at first, nervous with anticipation of how its going to feel and […]