All I want for Christmas is a Catfight

Sarah Brooke barges in on a Christmas photo shoot Cali is doing for you. She is pissed that you have chosen to work with Cali over her and demands that Cali fight her for the coveted photo shoot spot. Cali is not afraid of Sarah and accepts the challenge. The two tangle up, pulling each […]

UltraGirl: Buried Alive

Ultragirl returns home from putting away Catwomans gang. Catwoman herself appears furious at Ultragirl. Catwoman defeats Ultragirl using kryptonite gloves allowing her to break the bones in Ultragirls limbs leaving her paralized.  Ultragirl awakens being dressed in lingerie, hanging Arms Over Head. Catwoman wants to break UGs will so she will tell her where her […]

Tit-for-Tattle Tale

Hannah and Cali are called into the boss’ office because they messed up an important account. The boss is one of those typical, male chauvinist pig types, and begins to berate the ladies. He notices Cali is wearing the wrong color blazer and demands that she hand it over. Afraid to lose her job, she […]

The Taste of Defeat

  Cali and Sadie square off for a Face Sitting Challenge wearing only their skimpiest thong underwear. The rules are simple- make your opponent submit by using either forward or reverse face sits. The girls lock up and its Sadie who gets the first submission. This fires Cali up and she is able to get […]

Boxed and Bruised

Cali Logan shows up to have boxing lessons from coach Misty Lovelace. It’s kind of a weird setup and feels strange, but it was a gift so Cali follows all of Misty’s instructions, which begin with stripping down to bikini. Misty helps Cali put her gloves on and she throw some punches to show Cali […]

Ransom & Revenge

The scene opens with a chair tied Cali Logan being held hostage by Macy Wilde. She knows that Cali has rich parents and is requesting Ransom money for her release. Cali being a good talker convinces Maci that she needs to use the restroom and doesn’t want to pee all over her floor. Macy releases […]


You are a scam artist contractor and you have Sahrye in quiet a pinch. She walks into her bathroom that you were supposed to have already finished completely naked, ready to take a shower. She doesn’t expect to see you there with a stack of paperwork and an unfinished bathtub. You begin to explain to […]

To Beat a Cheat

Cali Logan has invited new wrestler Kyla AuJeante to her studio for a 7-round match. Kyla is not scared of Cali who runs her mouth right off the bat and the match starts off very high energy.  Kyla manages to pull Cali into a tight schoolgirl, pin forcing her to submit. Though irritated, she is […]

5-in-1 Clothing Destruction Bundle

1. Destroying Lexi Cali has had enough of her lazy roommate Lexi. When she comes home to see the slob sleeping on the couch, she decides to play a little prank. Cali grabs a bag of school supplies and gets to work writing all over Lexi’s expensive white top and brand new jeans. When Lexi […]

Encased and Taped

Cali’s sexy bondage fantasy continues. For this segment, Sahrye comes in and encases her using three pair of silky, shiny pantyhose. With Cali covered, she then take silver duct tape and binds her ankles knees and wrists. Of course it is not bondage without a gag, so Sharye wraps tape around Cali’s head, forcing her […]