Dorm Mates

Cali and Keri are college roommates. Finals are coming up and Cali hasn’t been keeping up with the work so she asks Keri for some special help. “I think I have an idea. I really want to blow my psych teacher away, so I’ve been practicing my mesmerizing skills. I’ve been reading all these books and now I just need a […]

Tutu Tangle

Cadence and Cali are 2 very pissed off ballerinas. Both are dressed in white fishnet body stockings and white tutus but only Cali wears a lilac thong underneath. The video begins with the 2 women on the ground already in the midst of a catfight. Cadence rips and tears Cali’s outfit to shreds first. They […]

Dr. Robot

Cali hasn’t been able to remedy her awful back pain on her own so she finally gives in and seeks professional help from Dr. Hannah Perez. Cali sits on the exam table and begins describing her problems. “Word has it your very outside of the box.” says Cali. “Well I get creative in my various […]

The Muffled Screams of Tickle Torture

Vonka delights in tickling Cali. They both wear bikinis. Cali’s is blue and Vonka’s is black.  Cali is laying on a wooden table. Her hands and feet are tied down securely.  Vonka begins with her hand over Cali’s mouth, playfully tickling her helpless friend. She uses a very light touch as she works her way […]

Let her Be Limp

“So did you get the link to the website I sent you today?” asks Cali “I did.” Skye replies. The 2 women sit at the edge of the bed, talking about their shared interest in limp play. Cali is dressed in a grey button down shirt that’s tucked into a very short red pencil skirt, […]

The Obedience App

Keri and Nadia are fed up with their other roommate Cali. “She acts like she rules the fucking planet.” says Keri. “We’re all fucking adults. It’s not that hard to pick up after yourself.” Nadia replies. “There’s gotta be something we can do about it.”says Keri, getting more and more frustrated. Nadia smiles devilishly. “I […]

Batgirl vs The Baker: The Break Down

In the 2nd installment of this 3-part superheroine parody… Batgirl is sitting in the corner, her cape draped over her head. She moans as she begins to wake up. “Harley!” she yells as the cape falls to the ground. “What have you done to me Harley?!” She stands up, showing off the new outfit that […]

Enchanted Stockings

Cali inherits her grandmothers vintage stockings. Looking through them, she decides to try on a pair. Her friend Ayla is immediately attracted to the soft silky feeling as she runs her fingers over Cali’s feet. She even notices the lovely scent, putting her nose right up against her arch.  Cali is pleasantly surprised when Ayla […]

Mythril Destroys Kitana

Kitana thinks she’s so clever, sneaking her way through Kaya’s Lair. She opens the wrong door and Kaya is waiting for her. Each one shit talking the other then quickly start punching and kicking each other. Kitana soon realizes that shes not dealing as much damage as shes used too.  Kaya finally reveals that her […]

Unfortunate Fate

Cali is stuck in hell loop. Getting killed over and over again by her torturer Skye. Scene 1: Cali is passed out, naked and bound to a chair. A strange metal ring is clasped around her throat. She is awoken by a huge bucket of freezing cold water straight to the face! Her torturer Skye […]