Rosie Cheeks for Weeks

Cali Logan is sitting at her desk when she receives an email with the subject line “for your eyes only…” She is curious and opens it immediatly to find its a picture of a HUGE black dick. She looks at the screen to see who sent this to her and just then her boss, Nikki […]

Money Brawl

As Maci Wilde gets ready for the day, she hears a knock on the door. The woman on the other side announces that she is there to pick up money owed to her boss, Cali Logan. After some banter, Maci loses her temper and pulls the stranger into her home by the collar of her […]

Batgirl Meets the Cataclysmic

In this Superheroine Parody… Catwoman is lounging around when she smells the familiar scent of her favorite foe, Batgirl. The Superheroine barges in boasting that its finally time to take the villain in. Catwoman simply laughs and invites Batgirl to play a game…then introduces her to The Cataclysmic.  Batgirl rolls her eyes and proclaims that […]

Finished 5 Ways

Finisher 1: Keri executes multiple tombstone piledrivers, eventually leaving Cali K0’d convulsing on her back. She then pins her for a 3-count with a leg hook pin. Finisher 2: Keri executes a rear naked ch0ke as Cali tries to squirm free, slowly fading and convulsing before he breaks her neck for good measure. As she […]

4-in-1 Sleepy Bundle

1. Sleepy Gigi Cali’s roommate GiGi has been working long hours at the hospital and its really starting to take a toll. Cali wants to help her relax with a massage, but GiGi is hesitant. Knowing that GiGi is stubborn, Cali takes matters into her own hands and presses hard on the pressure point in […]

Batgirl: Into Thin Air

In this Superheroine Parody… The day starts out like any other; Batgirl is on the trail of Gotham’s scum. She catches a would-be criminal in the act of breaking into the safe at the Mayor’s office and thinks it should be business as usual. Rough up the bad guy, cuff him, then take his sorry […]

Hostage Situation

With all of the chaos going on in today’s world, a local cable station has hired a couple of ladies to do a live bondage demonstration in order to educate the people on surviving a hostage situation.  Cali Logan has volunteered as the “victim” since she works for an airline and has been extensively trained […]

Pantyhose Punishment- Catfight Delight

While Hannah is out cold from Part 1 of this epic Cat Fight, Tilly takes a pair of stockings and binds her hands behind her back. When Hannah wakes up, she is met with sharp fingernails digging into her already sore breasts. She tries to fight back, but is unable to free her hands and […]

Pay Backs a Cunt

Terra Mizu is at home, minding her own business, when Cali Logan comes barging in and confronts her about a fight she recently had with her friend Keri. Terra always fights dirty and Cali is pissed that she embarrassed Keri, so Cali give Terra a big taste of real down and dirty fight tactics. The […]

Show No Mercy

Bailey Daniels and Riley Reyes have come today for one reason, and one reason only…to give snot-nosed bitch Cali Logan the beatdown of a life time. As they gang up on her and she begs for mercy, but it looks as though mercy is not in the cards for her today. The bullies enjoy their […]