Wonder Cali Lost in Lust

Wonder Cali is on a mission to find SuperGirl. Cali finds SuperGirls clothes but that is it. She looks up to see Keri but doesnt know who she is. Keri tells her that she will find out who she is soon enough. Keri throws some magic towards Cali and she thinks that she blocked it. […]

Groping Ghost 2: Back for More

Cali is a realestate agent and she took a property that no one else would take. It is claimed to be haunted but they never said what kind of ghost it was until the Local News decided to take it up the story on it. As Jamie the camera woman says rolling she begins to […]

Tiny Attackers

Maci and Cali talk about going undercover with a job that could get them hurt. They decide to go to a house that is supposed to be abandoned. Once they walk in they realize that it looks like it has been kept up even though no one is supposed to be living there. As they […]

Served Up on a Silver Platter

Bella is serving a guest and she tells him that he looks really familiar. He remindered her of high school, and she came to the realization that it was someone she used to pick on in school. Bella apologized for her behavior, and they continued with small talk and he told her about his invention […]

Batgirl vs The Baker- Part 3

Batgirl is in a bondage device and Harley Quinn wants her to look into the lights so that she will want more pies. Harley Quinn gets Batgirl to where she wants her with her programming and is ready to let her eat some pies like a little piggy. Harley doesnt inform Batgirl that there is […]

Terra Teaches Cali

Terra and Cali are standing there stretching getting ready for the big fight. Cali begins trash talking Terra about her weight. Trying to use that against her, well at least trying to make her stay off her game. It doesnt help Cali at all. Their first round comes to arm wrestling the best 3 wins. […]

The Real Sex Fight Queen

Cali and Sinn are ready to fight to see who is going to cum first. There is alot of ass smacking nipple sucking and hair pulling to get the other one down. Cali is able to take advantage and get on top of Sinn making it easy for Cali to win. Cali gets Sinn to […]

Immortal Injustice

Skye blue is summond to an unknown area and she senses an evil presence of the place. Cali makes her presence known and Skye doesnt know what to think of it. Cali knows of Skye’s immortal powers and Cali wants them. Skye tries to stop Cali, but Cali is to strong for Skye’s powers. Cali […]

Ms. Logan’s Tighty Whiteys

Cali is the teacher and its the beginning on the semester. Cali wants everyone to introduce themselves, and she starts with Hannah. Hannah begins with her name and tells a little about herself. Then she talks about what she does that is interesting, she is a magician, more or less a deception artist.  Ms. Logan […]

State of Denial

Cali, Vonka and Sarah all are trying to see what loans they can get for you. You don’t like when they tell you that there is nothing they can do seeing how you have bad credit. You like that they are all wearing short little dresses it makes your job easier. You give them a […]