Pay Backs a Cunt

Terra Mizu is at home, minding her own business, when Cali Logan comes barging in and confronts her about a fight she recently had with her friend Keri. Terra always fights dirty and Cali is pissed that she embarrassed Keri, so Cali give Terra a big taste of real down and dirty fight tactics. The […]

Show No Mercy

Bailey Daniels and Riley Reyes have come today for one reason, and one reason only…to give snot-nosed bitch Cali Logan the beatdown of a life time. As they gang up on her and she begs for mercy, but it looks as though mercy is not in the cards for her today. The bullies enjoy their […]

Seeing Red Again

You are a glutton for punishment and have come back to challenge Cali to another boxing match after she completely annihilated you in the last one. Cali thinks you are hilarious and quite honestly, a little stupid but cant turn down the possiblilty of another beat down.   She taunts you about your decision and goes […]

Smother Lovers

Cadence Lux and Riley Reyes are on a mission to destroy. They simply love the way it feels when a helpless male victim is beneath them gasping for air. Today they have their sites set on the perfect victim and go in for the perfect smother. Cadence goes first, slowly lowering her tight, catsuit covered […]

Sensual Aggression

There has always been sexual tension between Hannah Perez and Cadence Lux. As they hang out in their hotel room between photo shoots, Cadence challenges Hannah to little catfight. Just for fun. Hannah is not sure but before she can express her concerns, Cadence pounces on her. The two lock up for a feisty cat […]

Belly Punch Brutality

Cali is nothing more than a cheating slut and Hannah is looking forward to exposing that today. She sets her up for a 2-on-1 beatdown to force the truth out of her. Veronica knows that Cali has been sleeping with her boyfriend and the girls get to work.  Hannah grabs Cali’s arms and holds them […]

The Traveling Tickler

Cali and Hannah are relaxing at home when there is a knock at the door. A traveling sales lady named Sahrye has paid them a visit. As she explains the membership package she is selling to the local museum, Cali catches her peaking at her bare soles. Sahrye continues her sales pitch and nonchalantly reaches […]

All I want for Christmas is a Catfight

Sarah Brooke barges in on a Christmas photo shoot Cali is doing for you. She is pissed that you have chosen to work with Cali over her and demands that Cali fight her for the coveted photo shoot spot. Cali is not afraid of Sarah and accepts the challenge. The two tangle up, pulling each […]

UltraGirl: Buried Alive

Ultragirl returns home from putting away Catwomans gang. Catwoman herself appears furious at Ultragirl. Catwoman defeats Ultragirl using kryptonite gloves allowing her to break the bones in Ultragirls limbs leaving her paralized.  Ultragirl awakens being dressed in lingerie, hanging Arms Over Head. Catwoman wants to break UGs will so she will tell her where her […]

Tit-for-Tattle Tale

Hannah and Cali are called into the boss’ office because they messed up an important account. The boss is one of those typical, male chauvinist pig types, and begins to berate the ladies. He notices Cali is wearing the wrong color blazer and demands that she hand it over. Afraid to lose her job, she […]