Supergirl’s Mental Slavery

Supergirl needs professional help, but this Doc isn’t what she seems. Dr. Logan easily takes control over her unsuspecting patient’s mind. Quickly succumbing to the Dr.’s soothing voice, Supergirl is kissed, groped and forced to pose for some compromising pictures. Before she wakes, she is commanded to return the following day as her secret identity. […]

Embarrassing the Bully

Misty is the schools nastiest bully and she can’t wait to make life miserable for the new kid. Unfortunately for her he’s just got the best gift a nerd can get, a FREEZE WATCH! Watch as Misty is frozen over and over again and made to feel like a fool. This clip runs 14 minutes […]

Stop Watch Lovers

Tilly and Paisley enter the room arguing over man as usual. Tilly has something special up her sleeve today. She clicked the button on her watch and Paisley immediately freezes in place. With her friend in a trance, Tilly whispers in her ear, “you will do anything I say, and when you wake up you […]

The Body Snatcher

Cali is minding her own business, reading a book when she hears a noise and she looks around, but no one is there. She continues reading the book, but then she is possessed by a ghost, who into her mouth. She very briefly tries to fight it by eventually the ghost takes over. The ghost […]

Catball Brawl: Misty vs Cali

The ladies have already been at it for some time, rolling and ripping at each other full or rage and hate. Both out of breath, but not ready to give up, they continue this epic battle of catballs, hair pulling and leg-locked rolling across the room. An even match in size and anger, Cali and […]

Brain Wave Take Over

Roommates Hannah Perez, Misty Lovelace and Cali Logan are lounging in front of a TV enjoying themselves. Misty and Hannah decide to call it a night and head up to bed while Cali stays up a little later watching TV. The next two scenes show each the girls separately preparing for bed by disrobing until […]

The Tinder Triangle

You have been experimenting with the dating app “Tinder” lately and have narrowed your search down to 3 lucky ladies. Cali Logan, Keri Spectrum and Terra Mizu. You’ve really been stringing them all along and each of the girls is really into you. Today, you have told them to meet you at a strange location […]

Mr. J’s New Pet

BatCali received a call from commissioner gordon to meet him at an old warehouse. When she gets there she discovers a trick and is met by Harley Quinn (played by Lydia Vengeance). Harley informs BatCali that she is going to give her to the Joker as a present. They fight and Harley knocks BatCali out […]