Superheroine Statues

In this 3rd and final segment of a Superheroine Parody Series…. Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman are completely under the control of their captor, Gold Dust. She is ecstatic to have 2 new additions for her gallery and spends some time prepping, posing and playing with them. This 10 minute clip includes superheroines, costumes, erotic […]

Capturing Kyoto

In this Superherine Parody, edited in the style of the 1960’s show… Human Trafficing expert Kyoto has kidnapped Miss America, indending to bring her back to Asia and have her train their pagent queens in preparation for Miss Universe. Batgirl is hot on her trail and refuses to let her get away with such a […]

Revenge of the Asylum Escapee

In this Superherone Parody… Months prior, Batgirl put a troubled girl into an Asylum for safe keeping. During her time there she was sedated, brainwashed and led to the brink of her patience. She used her time at the facility to do strength and agility training, in addition to learning about the powerful medication that […]