Batgirl Gets Schooled- Part 3: Pie Time

In this 3rd installment of a 4-part superheroine parody… Poor Batgirl has been put through the ringer by Faith, Hope and HQ. She can barely stand up after the beatings she’s taken! Of course though, Harley has plenty more tricks up her sleeve for Batgirl. She first has the girls put her into more painful […]

Spandex Fun with Niki Lee Youung

Cali and Niki have a bag of spandex shorts that they cant wait to get their hands on. The girls help each other squeeze into the skin tight outfits and give one another front and back wedgies while appreciating how smooth they feel against their pantyhose. This 15 minute clip includes spandex, pantyhose, wedgies, camel […]

Sexy Blondes for November? Yes Please!

II already have quite a bit in store for these girls, but there is always room for more. Is there a better way to lead into the holidays than wrestling around with busty blondes? I think not! I cannot wait to meet and work with Rachael and Cherie. Keri Spectrum will also be available to […]