Keri’s Bondage Fantasy Continues

Keri’s mind continues to wander as she fantasizes about Danielle Trixie dominating her with ropes, cleave gags and sensual groping. This 8 minute clip includes f/f groping, light kissing, hand over mouth, cleave gag, rope bondage, struggling, damsel in distress, fantasies. The 720HD format can be found in my Cali’s Customs c4s store under the […]

Dominating Dani

School nerd Cali Logan shows “cool girl” Danielle Trixie a thing or two about bullying. She is so tired of being picked on for her smarts, and finally reaches a breaking point, forcing Danielle into various painful wrestling holds until she submits- promising to be Cali’s Best Friend Forever. This 9 minute clip includes wrestling, […]

Business Meeting Embarrassment

Cali Logan really wants to impress her prospective client Danielle Trixie, but during their meeting, her clothes begin to disappear one piece at a time. Though Danielle finds it rather amusing, Cali is beyond embarrassed and runs off to find something else to where. While Cali is away, the same thing happens to Danielle. How […]

Keri Spectrum’s Bondage Fantasy #1

Danielle Trixie is going on and on about how wonderful she is, while her friend Keri Spectrum just day dreams about her ultimate bondage fantasy… *Danielle is napping on the couch when Keri sneaks in and wakes her with a hand gag. Then she ties Dani’s hands in front, cleave gags and binds her feet […]

Nerdy to Naughty- The Transformation of Danielle Trixie

Shy and nerdy Danielle Trixie is looking to break out of her shell. She has come to me for help by setting up a risque photo shoot. The only problem is that she is totally stiff and uncomfortable. Luckily, I have just the thing to help! After a few gulps of my special serum, she […]

School Girl Pins and Scissor Holds- Danielle Trixie vs Cali Logan

Cali Logan shows Danielle Trixie who’s boss with a series of school girl pins and scissor holds. The girls look extra sexy in the holds wearing tight spandex yoga pants and colorful sports bras. This 10 minute clip includes female fighting, wrestling, scissor holds, head scissors, figure 4, school girl pins, face sitting, yoga pants, […]

Danielle Trixie’s Duct Tape Mummification

Danielle Trixie is innocently taking a nap in her new house, when an intruder sneaks in and tapes her wrists and ankles. When she wakes up, she struggles and hops around the house trying to figure out what is going on. Her captor once again appears, and completely mummifies her with duct tape. To keep […]