Capturing Kyoto

In this Superherine Parody, edited in the style of the 1960’s show…

Human Trafficing expert Kyoto has kidnapped Miss America, indending to bring her back to Asia and have her train their pagent queens in preparation for Miss Universe.

Batgirl is hot on her trail and refuses to let her get away with such a thing! They fight it out, but the girl proves to be no match for the heroine who defeats her and ties her up (arms over head) for the interrogation.

Kyoto is a stubborn captive and refuses to talk no matter what physical pain she is put through by Batgirl. Finally, the clever bat gets an idea! She tickle tortures Kyoto until she is ready to tell her where Miss America is being held!

This 14 minute video includes superheroines, female fighting, costumes, tickling, arm over head, hand over mouth, asians, peril and is available in my Power and Peril Store.