CaliBot stars in “Chores”

Jack has bought himself the perfect girlfriend; Cali is a robot built to be the ultimate domestic companion—taking care of all the household drudgery and looking sexy doing it. She is fresh out of the box and Jack has left her home alone with a long list of chores to finish before he gets back from work. Robo-Cali has just finished recharging and we follow our robotic domestic goddess as she starts cleaning up the house. Everything is going great, until she gets to washing the dirty dishes. Robots and water just don’t mix and it’s all downhill from there. Robo-Cali begins to malfunction and freeze up, but dutifully struggles to finish her assigned tasks. Unfortunately, she just manages to make a mess and eventually it’s too much for her overheated circuits to handle as she suffers a complete system failure…hopefully she’s still under warranty.

This 19 minute clip includes Robot Fetish and is available in my c4s store.