Bionic Cali Defeated

Bionic Cali thinks that recovering some stolen files will be a cake walk. When she arrives to the location, kicks down the door and uses her bionics to quickly locate the items she is looking for.

Just before she leaves, Danielle Trixie appears out of nowhere and attempts to fight her for the files. Cali easily restrains Danielle with her super strength and tosses her out of the way. As she walks towards the door, Danielle swallows a pill which turns her into a fierce machine.

She attacks Bionic Cali from behind and with each blow becomes stronger and stronger. Cali tries to jump away, but Danielle now has super speed and catches up to her, throwing her against the wall. Bionic Cali’s arms and legs begin to malfunction.

Eventually, Cali’s Bionics completely quit out and her legs short circuit, causing her to pass out. Danielle takes her files and leaves Cali on the floors with nothing but her sad smoking legs.

This 16 minute clip includes fetish genres such as bionic woman, robots, fembots, female fighting, beat down, magic. It is available in 720HD in the store Power and Peril.