Bikini Babes Bound- Part 3: Consequences

In the 3rd and Final part of this 3-part bondage series…

Cali Logan and Jacqueline Velvets head upstairs to confront their back-stabbing roommate Ivy Sloan to find her bound and gagged! They find it rather amusing that the people she planned to sell their things to ended up robbing her instead. After hearing her story, Cali tightly secures the cleave gag back in Ivy’s mouth just in time to be hit in the neck by a stinging pain. Jacqueline faces the same fate.

When the two stunned girls wake up, they discover that they are all tied up and left to struggle.

This 8 minute clip includes rope bondage, cleave gags, bikinis, struggling, damsel in distress, arm over head, aoh. The 720HD format can be found in my store Cali’s Customs under the Bondage Category.

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