Batgirl’s Beatdown Story

Poor, poor Batgirl stumbles into the room with the story of a lifetime. She has just narrowly escaped from an altercation with Catwoman and her henchmen who really worked the superherione over.

She begins to explain how her uniform was taken from her by the villain and she had to steal (gasp, superheroines don’t steal!) a black bikini to cover herself for the journey home. As she continues with the story of how she was clawed in the chest, thrown into crushing holds, stomped in the crotch and humiliated in every way, Batgirl applies generous amounts of healing oil to her battered body.

Batgirl also admits how weakened, and almost even turned on, she was by Catwoman. She admits that Catwoman could certainly dominate her at any given time, and there is simply nothing that Batgirl could do about it. She begins to wonder if she is even fit to be a superheroine at all.

This 20 minute video consists of superheroine, demasking, nudity, baby oil, talk of catfight, wrestling, humiliation and domination tactics. It is available in my store Power and Peril in HD format.