Slick Submissions

Lana and Cali are in a wrestling match with oil and Cali is topless while Lana is completely naked. Cali starts the match off with a pin. Lana comes back stronger, she shows Cali that she isn’t playing. Lana puts Cali in a body scissorhold, camel clutch and more submission holds. Cali isn’t coming out […]

4-in-1 Scissor Bundle

4-in-1 Scissor Hold Compilation Almost an hour of squeezing action. CLICK HERE to purchase bundle for only $19.99! 1. Dominating Danielle Trixie in School Girl Pins and Scissor Holds Cali Logan shows Danielle Trixie who’s boss with a series of school girl pins and scissor holds. The girls look extra sexy in the holds wearing […]

Punched and Pleasured

Cali is in her training room just throwing punches getting her form right, then Keri walks in. Cali laughs asking Keri is she wants more of her fingers. Cali kisses Keri and then plays with her a little bit. Sunshine walks in wondering what the hell is going on. Sunshine is only there to box […]

Nanny Nightmare

Vonka steps into the massage room and strips of all her clothes, gets on the table and covers up with her little towels. In another room Cali undresses and covers up with a towel in hopes to find the bathroom before her massage begins. Cali accidentally walks into Vonka’s room and automatically gets upset.  Cali […]

Beat 3 Ways- Cali vs Sadie

Cali and Sadie are scheduled to wrestle. Sadie comes in confident because she has height on Cali. But, Cali has a lot more experience with wrestling and she knows what she is doing.  Cali and Sadie start with arm wrestling and Sadie thought for sure she had it. Cali wins 3 for 3 Next Cali […]

Kaya Carried

Gedri gets challenged to see how strong she is by lifting and carrying Kaya around. She does over the shoulder, cradle, one arm and  more. This clip runs 10 minutes long with lift and carry, cradle carry, ots, on the back, amazon and the 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logans Fight Club under […]

Overcome by Evil

Jacqueline went to the evil side and Wonder Cali had to try and fight her. Cali freezes Jacqueline but gets side tracked and talks to her while she is frozen, wondering why she thought that Cali might not want to join her. Cali feels on Jacqueline a little bit wondering why she has been hiding […]

Art Class Expose

Vonka Romanov is teaching an Art class and she asks for Cadence’s opinion on an art piece. Cadence makes it clearly known that she is just in the class for the credit. Vonka has had enough of Cadence’s snarky attitude through the course. Vonka gives Cadence the choice to fail the class or demonstrate her […]

Stress Ball Boy

Cali has been at work stressed and someone told her to get a stress ball. Well a stress ball just wasnt cutting it for her and she chose to use her shrink ray to shrink you down. Cali feels like squeezing you is enough to relax her but she may use you a couple more […]