Batgirl vs The Baker- Part 3

Batgirl is in a bondage device and Harley Quinn wants her to look into the lights so that she will want more pies. Harley Quinn gets Batgirl to where she wants her with her programming and is ready to let her eat some pies like a little piggy. Harley doesnt inform Batgirl that there is […]

Terra Teaches Cali

Terra and Cali are standing there stretching getting ready for the big fight. Cali begins trash talking Terra about her weight. Trying to use that against her, well at least trying to make her stay off her game. It doesnt help Cali at all. Their first round comes to arm wrestling the best 3 wins. […]

The Real Sex Fight Queen

Cali and Sinn are ready to fight to see who is going to cum first. There is alot of ass smacking nipple sucking and hair pulling to get the other one down. Cali is able to take advantage and get on top of Sinn making it easy for Cali to win. Cali gets Sinn to […]

Immortal Injustice

Skye blue is summond to an unknown area and she senses an evil presence of the place. Cali makes her presence known and Skye doesnt know what to think of it. Cali knows of Skye’s immortal powers and Cali wants them. Skye tries to stop Cali, but Cali is to strong for Skye’s powers. Cali […]

Ms. Logan’s Tighty Whiteys

Cali is the teacher and its the beginning on the semester. Cali wants everyone to introduce themselves, and she starts with Hannah. Hannah begins with her name and tells a little about herself. Then she talks about what she does that is interesting, she is a magician, more or less a deception artist.  Ms. Logan […]

State of Denial

Cali, Vonka and Sarah all are trying to see what loans they can get for you. You don’t like when they tell you that there is nothing they can do seeing how you have bad credit. You like that they are all wearing short little dresses it makes your job easier. You give them a […]

Stripped Down Staff

Skye Blue comes to talk to you about a strange re-occurrences that keeps happening around the office ever since you started working for them two weeks ago. Skye knows you specialize in mesmerizing your clients, and she thinks its funny how all of the female staff keep ending up naked without their knowledge. While she […]

Wonder Woman’s Deep Sleep

Cali is sleeping on the bed and Keri comes in and pokes at her to see if she is really sleeping. Keri begins to take photos of Cali. Wonder Woman Megan comes in to stop Keri from taking anymore pictures. It was a set up. Cali sneaks a neck chop to Wonder Woman and then […]

Increasing Our Exposure

Misty is a new addition to the team and her coworker Cadence needs to give her heads up about the boss Cali. “I just wanna let you know she has a strange tick that she has. It’s called snowburger syndrome. When she gets stressed out she tends to undress her self……as well as others. It’s a little […]

Wonder Cali Meets the Mesmerist

The video begins as The Mesmerist(Hannah Perez) is placing Wonder Cali under her control. She gently swings her locket back and forth as Wonder Cali is unable to look away, voicing her commands in a slow, soft and soothing tone. “You are falling into a deep, deep trance… You are completely open to my suggestions… You feel very […]