Boxed and Bruised

Cali Logan shows up to have boxing lessons from coach Misty Lovelace. It’s kind of a weird setup and feels strange, but it was a gift so Cali follows all of Misty’s instructions, which begin with stripping down to bikini. Misty helps Cali put her gloves on and she throw some punches to show Cali […]

Ransom & Revenge

The scene opens with a chair tied Cali Logan being held hostage by Macy Wilde. She knows that Cali has rich parents and is requesting Ransom money for her release. Cali being a good talker convinces Maci that she needs to use the restroom and doesn’t want to pee all over her floor. Macy releases […]


You are a scam artist contractor and you have Sahrye in quiet a pinch. She walks into her bathroom that you were supposed to have already finished completely naked, ready to take a shower. She doesn’t expect to see you there with a stack of paperwork and an unfinished bathtub. You begin to explain to […]

To Beat a Cheat

Cali Logan has invited new wrestler Kyla AuJeante to her studio for a 7-round match. Kyla is not scared of Cali who runs her mouth right off the bat and the match starts off very high energy.  Kyla manages to pull Cali into a tight schoolgirl, pin forcing her to submit. Though irritated, she is […]

5-in-1 Clothing Destruction Bundle

1. Destroying Lexi Cali has had enough of her lazy roommate Lexi. When she comes home to see the slob sleeping on the couch, she decides to play a little prank. Cali grabs a bag of school supplies and gets to work writing all over Lexi’s expensive white top and brand new jeans. When Lexi […]

Encased and Taped

Cali’s sexy bondage fantasy continues. For this segment, Sahrye comes in and encases her using three pair of silky, shiny pantyhose. With Cali covered, she then take silver duct tape and binds her ankles knees and wrists. Of course it is not bondage without a gag, so Sharye wraps tape around Cali’s head, forcing her […]

Cali Can’t Resist

While getting ready for work, a Tall, beautiful Intruder barges into Cali’s house. Startled, she demands that the woman leave or she will call the police. Maci just laughs and says, “oh, you won’t be doing any of that,” then points a childlike device at Cali. Cali looks at the device and laughs, just before […]

Steal of a Deal

A couple of spies meet up in a train station to make an exchange of cash for State secrets. Agent Cali  Logan Forks over her folder full of dough but when agent Vonka counts the money, it’s a bit light. Cali tries to talk her way out of the mess but Vonka wants what she […]

Over You

Cadence Lux comes over to your house and gets completely naked in anticipation for your arrival. She goes off to the bedroom to take a shower. Just then, Cali Logan walks into your living room and begins to strip down, also hoping you will be home soon. When Cadence walks out in just her towel, […]

Strip Poker Problem

Cali arrives to a strip poker tournament prepared! She has laid herself in several pair of underwear and bras a Shoring she cannot lose. Unfortunately she is terrible at poker and the 4 guys she is playing with tend to cheat a bit.  She ends up losing almost every hand! By the time she is […]