Foreign Affairs

Carissa is there in Cali’s country to find the other girls from the US that have gone missing. Cali tells her that she has to get to the girls the same way that they got to where they are at. Carissa doesn’t understand but Cali shows her something to make her a little more motivated. […]

The Deflector

Jacquelyn breaks into Cali’s space not realizing she would be waiting for her at the door. Cali grabs Jacqueline up by the collar and wonders what is going on and why she is breaking in. Jacqueline comes up with a bogus story to get Cali off of her, claiming they are still friends and someone […]

Batgirl in Wonderland

Cali is in her Batgirl uniform tied up. She struggles to get out and then Lydia comes in behind her taunting her. Lydia is ready to pacify Cali since she has been doing nothing but then with the city of Gotham. Lydia is ready to put Cali in time out. She makes sure Cali sucks […]

Squeeze and Slide

Misty and Skye circle each other ready for a fight. They check each others muscles out and then they both think they are stronger then the other. They plan to fight with oil and nude.  Misty and Skye take off their robes and then begin oiling up. They begin pushing each other and rubbing against […]

The Kissing Duel

Cali and Misty just got done with a photoshoot and the two are talking. Cali mentions that she hopes that when she gives her girlfriend the Calendar with all the pictures in it that she will like it. Then Cali goes on to explain that she loves her girlfriend but the sexual chemistry just isnt […]

Horrible Boss Tickling Revenge

Cali comes in and hides behind the piano. Keri comes in complaining about inventory and she has no good help. Overpaid and they dont want to work. Cali sneaks behind Keri and covers her mouth with a white cloth. Cali says to Keri while she is getting sleepy, maybe its because she is a horrible […]

Wonder Slumber

Luna wakes up on the couch and she just knows she is late for work. Luna races to put her pantyhose on quickly, then the rest of her clothes. Luna was sleeping in just bra and panties. Vonka comes behind Luna and makes her go back to sleep. Vonka lifts and carries Luna to the […]

The Bully

Innocent gal Cali Logan is trying to get her work done at the studio to prep for a show later that night. The town bully, Cadence Lux walks in and begins to harass Cali who tries to ignore the rude comments and asks to be left alone.  Cadence continues her snide comments and backs Cali […]

Sad, Sore Tits

Keri is getting tired of Cali trying to be a homewrecker. They meet and Keri tries reassuring Cali that her man wants nothing to do with her. Cali doesn’t have big tits like Keri does and she says her man is a tit man. So that means Cali has nothing on Keri. But turns out […]

Catwoman’s Corporal Punishment

Saharra gets Cali to herself in a room with a rope hanging down. Cali has cuffs on her hands and Saharra tells her to undress. Cali wants to know how she is supposed to do that. Saharra gets angry and tells Cali to just do what she says. It’s kind of hard for Cali to […]