Pantyhose Fantasy Realized

Cadence and Cali have always been bi-curious about one another and today they finally explore that curiosity. They tease and strip each other down to pantyhose and bras, caressing each other’s sexy bodies. They passionately kiss and find their way into a tribbing position where they enjoy simultaneous orgasms.  This 10 minute clip includes girl […]

Questioned and Carried

Delinquent student Hannah Perez has a study session with her chemistry teacher, Cali Logan who is fed up with Hannah’s inability to pass exams. Today she brings in the most recent test and attempts to go over the material, but Hannah still is not getting it. Frustrated, Cali picks Hannah up into a fireman’s carry […]

Pussy Smothered

Newcomer, Misty Lovelace, has agreed to a best out of 3 wrestling match against Cali Logan. The rules are simple- get your opponent to submit and win the round. The girls square off and struggle for control. Cali gets the upper hand and mounts Misty in a school girl pin who struggles beneath the veterans […]

Hide and Go Sleep

Its a hot summer day and the girls are bored out of their minds. Hannah recommends playing a game called Hide and Go Sleep. Cali has her reservations about it, but concludes that it beats the hell out of getting a job, so they go for it! Hannah explains the rules and pulls out her […]

Hell in Hose & Heels

They stand toe to toe, high heel to high heel ready for a wild, pantyhose fight. In no time at all both ladies rip off their tops and are savagely attacking their foe’s breasts, as their long sexy legs intertwine. They go from digging their nails into their soft breast flesh to sinking those red […]

Upcoming Models available for Customs!

Hey All! The calendar is full to the brim with amazing opportunities to get customs with local and traveling models. Some of the shoots are booking up fast so space will be limited. Get your ideas in sooner than later 🙂 Submissions can be sent through the form at      

Moving at a Snails Pace

I just wanted to let all of my awesome fans know that this summer Ill be moving a little slower than usual. May was insane with computer and cell phone problems. I finally resolved all of the technical issues, but this month has been filled with travel, visitors and family matters. Over the next several […]


We all know and love Hannah Perez, and its been a real bummer that I only get to shoot with her a few times a year. Thankfully, she has moved her sexy little butt MUCH closer to my area and I can add her to my list of Local Models! Hopefully, Ill be able to […]