Cali Can’t Resist

While getting ready for work, a Tall, beautiful Intruder barges into Cali’s house. Startled, she demands that the woman leave or she will call the police. Maci just laughs and says, “oh, you won’t be doing any of that,” then points a childlike device at Cali. Cali looks at the device and laughs, just before […]

Steal of a Deal

A couple of spies meet up in a train station to make an exchange of cash for State secrets. Agent Cali  Logan Forks over her folder full of dough but when agent Vonka counts the money, it’s a bit light. Cali tries to talk her way out of the mess but Vonka wants what she […]

Over You

Cadence Lux comes over to your house and gets completely naked in anticipation for your arrival. She goes off to the bedroom to take a shower. Just then, Cali Logan walks into your living room and begins to strip down, also hoping you will be home soon. When Cadence walks out in just her towel, […]

Strip Poker Problem

Cali arrives to a strip poker tournament prepared! She has laid herself in several pair of underwear and bras a Shoring she cannot lose. Unfortunately she is terrible at poker and the 4 guys she is playing with tend to cheat a bit.  She ends up losing almost every hand! By the time she is […]

Tower of Pleasure

Its been a long week and I just need to relax but I dont blow off steam like your boring vanilla broads. My forced orgasm tower is all set up and ready to go. I put on some sensual music and strip out of my sexy black lingerie then strap myself into the tower wearing […]

Dominating Diana

On one of Diana Knights trips to the east coast, she agreed to meet up with me for a pro-style match. She thought that she would fly through the our fight without even breaking a sweat. After all, she was far more experienced than I, plus had a size advantage.  Unfortunately for her, Id been […]

4-in-1 Cunt Bust Compilation

1. Cunt Busting Bitches  Cali and Hannah are constantly at each other’s throats about scheduling for the mat room. They finally decide to do something about it and fight woman-to-woman. Before the match begins, Cali suggests a bit of “female protection” for the two of them. The girls each slip into a jock strap, adjust […]

Wonders & Blunders

Its an exciting day for Cali Logan. She won a private meet & greet with her favorite superhero SUPERMAN!! When he arrives, she does her best to seduce him, but he resists the tempation, which makes her all kinds of irritated. She grabs a device a her scientist friend gave her and zaps him. Much […]

Hypno Triggers

Cali uses a long, soothing induction to cleverly place triggers into your brain that cause you to become uncontrollably horny and orgasm whenever one of the triggers is heard or seen. During your session she has a little fun and orgasms in front of you while you are under her spell. Once she is satisfied, […]

The (not so) Secret Cam Show

Sorority girl Tilly McReese is on webcam with her boyfriend and they are celebrating their anniversary. He brings up that he’d still like to talk about the threesome he recommended a while back. She she replies that she still not comfortable bringing another girl into the bed, but she does have a big surprise for […]