I watched the custom video titled Keri Spectrum:Vampire Hunter last night. I absolutely loved it. Cali you looked amazing in it. From the outfit to your hair, you looked stunning. Great performance as always, I love the way you act in videos. You are one hell of an actress. Keri was a great choice to play the hunter. She did an excellent job in this role, very convincing. I loved her choice of outfit too, it worked well. You guys nailed the script and pretty much did everything I wanted. Great ad libbing by both of you, I don’t know how you guys do that, great impromptu for the dialog. Overall I am extremely happy with this video and thanks to both you  and Keri for doing this video for me.
Awesome work!! I’ll have to order another custom soon! Thanks!
The danielle vid was terrific.  thank you!

This is great!  You did a spectacular job!!!!!