Thanks for your interest in ordering a custom video! If you have something specific you would like to see materialize, you’ve come to the right place! All videos are shot and delivered in HD format for your viewing pleasure. The first step will be to submit your script outline for a quote.

General Pricing Guide
The following chart is to be used as an estimation tool.
Exact pricing will be determined after script is submitted and reviewed. Please
note that special props and costumes are not included in the given estimates.
This guide generally covers location, model fees, photographer/videographer and
basic editing. Discounts may be granted for multiple orders, at the discretion
of the production team.


10 min 15 min 20 min 30 min

1 Model

150 200 250 350
2 Models 250 300 400


3 Models 350 450 550


*Please Note:  Male characters are also considered models


Customer Reviews:

Amazing video. You did a perfect job for me. Definitely will be a return customer in the near future. Thank you.


Got the video, just watched first minute or so, AWESOME! You got the look PERFECTLY, can’t tell you how many times I specify certain things and am assured yes it will be done, and then see the people couldn’t be bothered to really try and didn’t do a good job.  Your custom was great value/price, I have spent double/triple for customs that ended up not being what I wanted.  Thanks again, good luck with rest of your pregnancy and maternity.


That vid is amazing! Thank you so much. It far exceed my expectations.


Wow that was quick!  Thanks, looks great!


Hey I was able to watch the custom video today and I have to say, that was one of if not the best custom video I’ve have ever had. You did everything I asked for perfectly, and even the stuff i was kinda vague with, you winged it with your own spin and i just adored it. Hell if I even had a complain it would be that you weren’t having twins lol! Anyways, i just really wanted to let you know how much I loved/appreciated the work you did for the vid, and if it wasn’t for you having to go on maternity leave soon I’d ask for another lol. Either way best of luck with your baby and future vids.


Just watched the custom video you sent. It’s probably the best fantasy clip I’ve ever seen, and I’m not easy to please! I thought it might be a bit trickier than my first request (also a great video), but you had no problem pulling it off. I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Thanks so much!


I just saw some of your post about people wanting free stuff. From someone who has bought a few custom videos. The videos that you produce compared to what you charge in my personal opinion you could charge double and it would still be s bargain.
Maybe they don’t understand the fact props, models, electricity and not to mention talent all costs money let’s not  forget time it takes to do each shoot. After all its not a 5 min process.
Your service, timeliness, and professional quality are much appreciated. 
I received the video and it is so great.
You play very well and so gorgeous. Your production are so perfect and the another girl is so gorgeous and she plays very well too :-)
I like request custom videos with you because you shoot with perfection and the videos always are like I imagined and beyond :-)

Wow absolutely loved it. It was exactly what I was looking for. I’ve had a few custom videos before but NOTHING can compare to yours. I’ll definitely do another one.
Thank you so much.


Got the clip and WOW!!! Exactly what I had in mind and may I say you’ve got a incredible body
and a pair of sexy legs.


Just watched video, it was great. You really pulled it off. 
Your fan, 

Wow! I can’t tell you how amazed I am!!! :) everything was spot on and you both captured the feel perfectly. I couldn’t have imagine it any sexier, thank you so much. Worth every penny


Wow, turned out great!  You did an amazing job as always.  Hope Rachael had a good time!  I can now scratch that off of the list of things I’ve always wanted to see.


I downloaded the video and I like so much!You make exactly that I imagined and you play Batgirl very well.Your production are so fantastic, shooting the details perfectly, getting real my script.

Congratulations Cali! You are so fantastic!



The danielle vid was terrific.  thank you!
Awesome video.  Your balance and agility was amazing to watch.  Thanks again for prompt service/communication and timely delivery.
I hope we can work togather again in the future on similar custom videos
Thanks D*
I downloaded the video last night and I wanted to say: Thank you! I’ve only ordered a handful of custom videos in the past from other various studios, but none had the perfect blend of reality and fantasy as yours. It’s clear that you and Sumiko threw yourselves completely into the roles. Your expressions of pain were so intense, I felt as though you were actually hurt (again, that perfect blend of reality and fantasy!) It’s clear that you put the effort into reading the script, enhancing it as you saw fit, and then delivering a high-quality product. 

Got it. I’m speechless. You look soooooo stunning in that costume and the pantyhose are just perfect. I’m really amazed how you threw yourself into it. Believe me, I’ve seen examples of the opposite, too.

Thank you. Hopefully I can order something similar from you in the future.



That was amazing work, thanks a lot! I would like to order a new clip in August, similar like that.


Thanks so much! I’m surprised as I thought it would take you quite a while longer.
I watched the video and it was awesome! You guys were almost perfect! Thank you so much.


I just viewed the custom clip and it came out great!Both yourself and Jamie performed really well and looked fantastic,you looked sensational as usual…thanks again for doing my custom,keep up your great work…

Thanks again


I watched the custom video titled Keri Spectrum:Vampire Hunter last night. I absolutely loved it. Cali you looked amazing in it. From the outfit to your hair, you looked stunning. Great performance as always, I love the way you act in videos. You are one hell of an actress. Keri was a great choice to play the hunter. She did an excellent job in this role, very convincing. I loved her choice of outfit too, it worked well. You guys nailed the script and pretty much did everything I wanted. Great ad libbing by both of you, I don’t know how you guys do that, great impromptu for the dialog. Overall I am extremely happy with this video and thanks to both you  and Keri for doing this video for me.
Awesome work!! I’ll have to order another custom soon! Thanks!
The danielle vid was terrific.  thank you!

This is great!  You did a spectacular job!!!!!



The fine print: Production will begin
once payment is agreed upon and paid in full. Not all models are available immediately,
however, an exact shoot date will be provided in a timely manner. Cali Logan,
LLC reserves the right to resell custom script videos via
and without consent of script writer unless arrangements are
made prior to filming. Typical turn around period is 5 days after filming,
however can take up to 10 days. Clips are sent as downloadable wmv, mp4, m4v or
QuickTime movie files. DVD versions may be ordered in addition to digital
download for an additional fee. Purchaser is at no time owner of the material
delivered and therefore may not reproduce, sell or post videos on any clip or
media sharing websites.
Due to the nature of this business, refunds after production are not granted.
If a refund is requested prior to filming, a 50% fee will be required.100%
refund will be made if production cannot be completed due to model
cancellations, inability to shoot desired content or other unforeseen conditions.
Script Changes:
In some instances, script changes may be made up to 24 hours prior to
shoot date, however, many times preparation begins long before models arrive.
Please understand that script revisions such as scene, content, model, wardrobe
or prop changes may not always be feasible.
Every girl has different limits, and not all fetish genres are available forall girls. At no time will sex be produced.
Thank you for your understanding.
If you have further questions, feel free to contact me at