4-in-1 Scissor Bundle

4-in-1 Scissor Hold Compilation

Almost an hour of squeezing action. CLICK HERE to purchase bundle for only $19.99!

1. Dominating Danielle Trixie in School Girl Pins and Scissor Holds

Cali Logan shows Danielle Trixie who’s boss with a series of school girl pins and scissor holds. The girls look extra sexy in the holds wearing tight spandex yoga pants and colorful sports bras.

This 10 minute clip includes female fighting, wrestling, scissor holds, head scissors, figure 4, school girl pins, face sitting, yoga pants, spandex, tights, bare feet.

Cali is filming a foot tease custom for one of her favorite clients. While she slips her lotioned up toes in and out of her sandals, her roommate Angelique interrupts her, ruining her custom. The bully Angelique puts little Cali into several holds, proving her dominance. Angelique uses her feet to squish Cali’s face and strong legs to humiliate her in scissorholds. Poor Cali doesnt stand a chance against her roommates crushing tactics

Jacqueline is back for a second fight in tights with Cali Logan. But after her humiliating loss the last time they met, Cali is ready to take her opponent down. She quickly gets Jacqueline to the ground and begins putting a tight scissor around her neck. She transitions into various versions of the hold before bearing all of her weight down onto Jacqueline’s chest in a school girl pin. There is no way Cali can lose this time.

Cali Logan’s peaceful afternoon nap is abruptly interrupted by her roommates Sahrye with a sensual squeeze. Cali wakes up gasping for air as Sahrye applies the hold even harder.Cali begs to know why Sahrye is doing this, but is not met with any answers. Just more brutal body and neck scissors. Cali struggles between Sahryes strong thighs feeling every thread of her silky pantyhose. She is completely dominated by her roommate who is clearly enjoying this.

Finally Cali can take no more and is sent back to Dreamland.

This 16-minute clip includes scissorhold, female fighting, domination.

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